Who are Nominet?

Nominet UK is the domain registry for the .uk ccTLD [Country Code Top Level Domains] as well as .wales and .cymru [Wales in Welsh if you wondered!]

It operates a number of domain name extensions with the most commonly registered one being .co.uk followed by .uk, .org.uk and .me.uk. It also maintains a number of others for which registrants need to fulfil certain prerequisites. 

  • .uk - Open to all.
  • .co.uk - Open to all.
  • .org.uk - Open to all. 
  • .me.uk - Open to individuals, not companies. 
  • .ltd.uk - Must be a private limited company registered with Companies House and the domain name must match the company name exactly.
  • .plc.uk - Must be a public limited company registered with Companies House and the domain name must match the company name exactly..
  • .net.uk - Registrant must be an ISP [Internet Service Provider] or operate a network with its own ASN [Autonomous System Number].
  • .sch.uk - Reserved for primary and secondary schools. Domains must be in the format of <school name>.<LEA>.sch.uk, for example "kendrick.reading.sch.uk".

Additionally there are a number of domain names which aren't possible for the general public to register and are managed by separate organisations. These include .nhs.uk, .police.uk, .ac.uk, and .gov.uk.

Nominet is registered as a 'Limited by guarantee' company and does not distribute profits to members. It theoretically operates as non-profit, has generated profit since 2003, and historically donates surplus profit to the Nominet Trust and other initiatives.

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